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This is a prototyping space for the systemic and coaching tools in service of psychological safety, trust, productivity and fulfillment in organisations.

We got inspired by the work of P. Lencioni, J. Rozovsky, Delloite’s consultants and many more who have noticed the importance of psychological safety in work-related environments.

Our project’s purpose is to provide a safe space in which new ideas, new solutions, new services and new relations can be co-created and tested.

Wishing to support healthy teams and positive working conditions, we joined 380 other teams participating in the u.lab 2x accelerating programme offered by Presencing Institute. As it’s participants, we use the MIT-born Theory U as a framework and toolkit. PresenTeams project falls into the „Business & Leadership” acupuncture point of the u.lab 2x 2021 programme.

We are an international team. Our members come from France, Italy, Germany and Poland. Our common language is English.

We meet online. We are working in a multi-stakeholder group. This project is voluntary, exploratory and was free to attend.

Meet the Core Team:

Aga Becler
Experienced manager, founder and system dynamics specialist with love for education.

Lucia Petroni
Experienced counselor in systemic constellations for relationships, profession, health, money and law.

Click here for more information about the whole team!

What can we expect to be happening from February till June 2021 in our case?

The u.lab 2x process in numbers


team members
(also stakeholders)


countries represented
(and 4 cultures, too)

2 – 5

hours per week, about
(our time commitment)


(and insights)

About u.lab 2x

U.lab 2x is an accelerator for systems transformation. It provides framwework, resources and facilitation support for teams wishing to develop and prototype social innovation. In other words, u.lab 2x convenes teams who are working to bridge the environmental, social, and spiritual divides of our time. Visit Presencing Institute for more information and the Theory U executive summary.

Quotations from the Presencing Institute

”Blind Spots

Why do our attempts to deal with the challenges of our time so often fail? Why are we stuck in so many destructive patterns today? The cause of our collective failure is that we are blind to the deeper dimension of leadership and transformational change.


Prototyping translates an idea or a concept into concrete action. After a group goes through the left side of the U-process and completes the sensing and presencing stage, the next step allows the group to crystallize ideas and prototype them.

”Leading From the Future

Building upon two decades of action research at MIT, the process shows how individuals, teams, organizations and large systems can build the essential leadership capacities needed to address the root causes of today’s social, environmental, and spiritual challenges.

Project’s documentation

Read more about the process, the progress and the tools

  • Work in progress
    A couple of pics documenting our Core and Extended Team gatherings. All meetings and workshops were held online because of international character of our group.
  • About Being Valued
    I browsed my experience in the search of what is needed for a safe place to work. The key word that came to my mind was „value“.  For me feeling valued and being part of something that adds value makesContinue reading “About Being Valued”
  • 2D Team Mapping
    Let’s say that in an organisation there is a team consistng of 8 members, just like in the PresenTeams case. Now, if we limited ourselves to some traditional management modalities, seeing the team as “just numbers” or “just seniorities”, “justContinue reading “2D Team Mapping”